Micah is the director and co-writer of American Farm Odyssey. 

Micah began directing films in middle school when he produced his first piece, “Attack of the Dust Bunnies.” He continued to direct films and then pursue mixed media projects through high school and college.

After college Micah decided to work for the family business, developing commercial real estate with his father and later for a New York based investment company.


Micah Cam2.jpg

While Caleb was growing crops at International Farming Co., Micah was growing Shopping Centers—both industries requiring a unique knowledge of the land and the value of large tracts.

However, Micah found that he usually preferred open spaces over parking lots. So, when Caleb announced he was planning to hit the road, Micah decided to grab a bicycle and join the Odyssey. When he’s not on his bicycle, or behind a keyboard, Micah can usually be found cooking or eating.