Why Do We Ride?

Because the best stories are found off the beaten path.

On our bicycles, we can go beyond paved roads, and we can't speed past the people or the details. Reaching places the headlines rarely find requires ditching the standard news truck. Our saddlebags can carry everything we need to sustain ourselves, so we can keep our wheels close the fields at all times. What is the mission of American Farm Odyssey? To discover the farmers who make each pocket of rural America unique, and bring their stories to the national audience they deserve.

Season Map.PNG

Fall Season: The Midwest

The breadbasket of the world produces more than corn and soybeans. Come with us as we explore hops farms, apple orchards, grain operations, and heavy equipment factories.


Winter Season: The West

As things get cold, we'll head west to warmer pastures. Ever wonder where vegetables come from during the snowy months? Answer: Arizona, the winter salad bowl capital of America.


Spring & Summer Seasons: The South

Check out catfish ponds and peach packing houses with us as  we roll into a whole new growing season.